C for C++

We all know that coding languages are the global language of the future. However, there are so many different coding languages out there (and each with a slightly different dialect), that it is really uneasy to get started without getting confused. Different programming languages have different grammatical structures and syntax. However, there are quite many elements that they share in common. If you know these common elements, it will be much easier for you to read and understand most of the popular languages. These common elements include data types, variables, if else structure, loops, and methods/functions.

This book covers C++, with focus on elements that are easily applicable to other similar object oriented programming languages. The goal of this book is to give starters an overview of the most commonly seen coding elements. They are written to be more human while being technically accurate and useful. The focus is on the C++ language.

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Resources: cforcplus

Author: ycthk

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