Python OOP in 30 minutes

Designed for busy people who need to grasp knowledge fast and easy, this book focuses on Python object-oriented programming OOP! With very clear and straight forward examples, this book will help you understand how Python OOP works in 30 minutes!

While the Python language itself is easy to understand, OOP is one of its more difficult and confusing concepts. There are important OO idioms that only appear in certain languages, and each language has its own spin. For example, there are two ways to call functions in Python. Or put it this way, there are two types of functions that require different syntaxes. The simple procedural way is NOT object oriented. The OOP way is different as it has elements such as class and type, which requires different and more complicated syntaxes.

Throughout this book we try to explain the key Python OOP concepts step-by-step using examples that make sense from a beginner’s perspective. We walk you through the sample code to illustrate what, how and why things are done the OO way. And we try to make learning quick and straight forward.


Author: ycthk

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