Engineering Science Simplified in 7 days

The BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Engineering is a vocational qualification designed to provide students with a strong foundation in engineering principles and concepts. The specific content and curriculum of an HNC in Engineering may vary depending on the institution, but generally, it has an Engineering Science module that covers a range of topics related to:

  • Scientific Data: Scientific data refers to information or measurements that are collected and analysed through scientific methods and processes.
  • Mechanics: This may cover topics related to classical mechanics, such as statics, dynamics, and kinematics, which are fundamental to understanding the behavior of physical systems.
  • Materials Science: This may cover topics related to the properties, behavior, and selection of materials used in engineering applications, including metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites.
  • Thermodynamics: This may cover topics related to the laws of thermodynamics, heat transfer, thermodynamic cycles, and energy conversion, which are important in understanding energy systems and processes.

This book covers

Day 1 – SI Units and Prefixes              

Day 2 – Scientific Data              

Day 3 – Beams and support systems              

Day 4 – More on beams and support systems              

Day 5 – Dynamic load and pulley system              

Day 6 – Angular velocity              

Day 7 – Fluid mechanics              

Day 8 – Carnot efficiency              

Day 9 – Heat transfer system



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