Learn Creo Parametrics in 5 days VOL 4

Creo Parametric, formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER, is a powerful and versatile computer-aided design (CAD) software application developed by PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation). It is widely used in various industries for product design, engineering, and manufacturing. The “Parametric” in its name refers to its parametric modeling capabilities. Creo Parametric allows users to create 3D models with parametric constraints, meaning you can establish relationships between different parts of the model. This enables easy design changes and updates, as modifications made to one part of the model can automatically propagate throughout the entire design. It is like creating 3D contents in a script, that the script can be modified anytime to regenerate the design.

The word Parametric has a meaning. To be precise, the power of parametric modeling in Creo Parametric lies in how parts are constructed. Features and sketches can be modified, suppressed, or deleted, and the entire part will update accordingly, maintaining design intent.

Also, Creo Parametric uses a feature-based approach to modeling, which means that designs are built using a combination of basic geometric shapes and operations (features) like extrusion, revolve, sweep, and blend. These features can be edited and combined to create complex designs.

This book aims to get you started on using Creo real quick and easy. It teaches you the version independent basics of 3D modelling using Creo. For demo purpose we use Creo 4.0 Educational edition. The concepts and methods, however, are applicable to all versions.

This book is VOLUME 4 of our Creo book series, with focus on milling and NC Assembly.

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