Your very first Python Program – solving math homework questions with Python code

This book is written with the sole purpose of getting kids into coding. Nothing fancy nothing super advanced. Simple, easy and very straight forward “lessons” allowing kids to write code and solve math homework problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal places …etc etc.

Please use this book as an activity book for kids to learn simple Python coding.
Table of Contents

A simple program to solve addition math question 4
A simple program to solve subtraction question 9
A simple program to add and subtract with parentheses 15
A slightly more complicated program to add and subtract 18
Modify the code to handle letter casing 31
A program to perform multiplication and division 33
A program to perform division and find the remainder 41
A program to convert number into percentage 43
Percentages of Quantities 48
Finding ratios 50
Simplifying fractions 52
Calculating fractions 55



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